How It Works


The property

Our farm is located in the heart of Atascadero. We have 10 acres of Christmas trees and a deep tradition in our community. We have been a staple on the Central Coast for over 50 years and love to hear and see all the generations still coming to the farm with their families. Experience hot apple cider, roasted chestnuts, a romp around the farm and a cute photo opportunity with the family. Here’s what we offer at the farm:


Free Apple Cider and Popcorn for purchase

Homemade Wreaths for purchase

Roasted Chestnuts to taste (Only if we have a fire going) and for purchase

Photo Booth

Free tree shaking

Bailing and stands for purchase

Just got our tree...cut, shook, baled, drilled plus stand. Been coming here for about 20 years and love, love our experience every time. Walked out to the new Lot 4...beautiful with the leaves falling. Everyone is so friendly. Had popcorn and cider!!! And bought some of their chestnuts too!!!!! Thank you and Merry Christmas!!!!
— Cindy Fratto, Facebook Review

What to do

When you first arrive someone will greet you with all the need to know details and a map of the farm. We provide saws to cut down your tree (No chainsaws or power operated saws are allowed). A carpet square to kneel on in the mud. And a cart to haul your tree around the farm. Join us at the barn for payment and our services. Please ask any of the employees if you have any questions!



Carpet Squares



We take cash, personal check and credit cards through Square.

What a hidden gem! Love it! Perfect place for the whole family for an authentic tree cutting experience!
— Melissa Silva, Facebook Review

We are part of the California Christmas Tree Association.

This association promotes real trees in California. Real Christmas trees are a completely sustainable product and a large agricultural business in California. In the association we travel to farms around the state to learn new practices, how different farms operate and the family histories at these farms. We are proud of the product we produce as its not only sustainable, but good for the environment.

Learn why buying real Christmas trees is the way to go!

Artificial trees are manufactured. Real trees are farm grown. Which do you think are better for the environment? #ItsChristmasKeepItReal Follow our campaign: