Our Products

We have a base price of $65 for our trees, any size and any height. This is because we grow all our trees from seedlings and it can take anywhere from 5-15 years to be sellable, which makes these small trees our future crop. We then price our trees depending on height and type of tree as some take longer to grow and require more care. If you are looking for a discounted tree, we have rescue and misfit trees! These trees need a little love and a home for the holidays too, and are priced anywhere from $10-$55.

We have pre-cut trees for sale including Nordmann Fir, Noble Fir, Grand Fir and Fraser Fir. Prices vary on type and size.



Bailing, $3

If you are traveling long distances we suggest bailing your tree for safekeeping, a cleaner car and easy maneuverability.


Shaking, free

We offer tree shaking as a free service. These trees make the farm their home and are therefore filled with leaves, dust, critters and bugs. We shake the trees to remove these and give your tree a fresh cut on the bottom as the shaking brings the sap to the base and seals the cut, so the tree will not effectively drink water.

Note: We will not shake a tree that is unsafe for our workers or machines. This will happen if the tree is too tall or the base too wide.


Stands, Various Prices

We have stands for sale at the farm. These are easy to use and guaranteed by us. Our prices are reflected by the size of stand which will be fitted to your tree.


Pre-Cut Trees, Various Prices

We import trees from a member of the Christmas Tree Farm Association. We have to import Grand Fir, Fraser Fir, Noble Fir and Nordmann fir, which are grown in Washington and Oregon and need higher elevation and wetter climates. These trees are cut and delivered to us right away so we guarantee their freshness. These are the same types of trees you may find at block chain stores, but we encourage your support of small businesses and small farms.


Chestnuts, $3 per 1/2 lb

We grow our own chestnuts at the farm. The trees line the driveway on the way in. Chestnuts grow in a spiky ball, when the ball falls to the ground it cracks open to reveal the nut. The nut has two skins a hard outer shell and a soft inner shell.

We roast chestnuts throughout the christmas season at the selling shed and you are welcome to try one. We roast them by cutting an X through both skins to reach the nut, we place them over the fire and it takes about 3 minutes for the skins to peel back and the nut visible.

Types of Trees for Sale