​Q. How do we get our Christmas tree?

A. Enjoy the great outdoors! Walk around the farm until you find your perfect tree and cut it down. We provide saws and carts. If you need help finding, cutting, or hauling it, just ask one of our friendly staff members. *Please do not bring your own saw, and no chainsaws are allowed.

Q. How do we know what trees are for sale?

A. All trees for sale will have a price tag. The tag MUST remain attached to the tree at time of purchase. In order for us to have trees available for years to come, we limit the number  sold each year. 

Q. How do you price your trees?

A. Prices vary, prices will be marked on tag.

Q. Do you have Noble firs?

A. Noble and other true firs grow better at higher and colder elevations than our farm. For our customers who prefer Noble firs, we stock a limited number of quality pre-cut Noble and Nordmann firs. 

Q. We are on a tight budget, do you have any discounts?

A. We have discounted trees from $10-$40 tagged throughout the farm.

Q. How long does it take for a tree to grow?

A. An 8 ft Monterey Pine is about 6 years old and an 8 ft Fir or Spruce is about 10 years old, whereas a 5 ft Blue Spruce can be 10 to 15 years old.